Make an Impact in 2018

We have all seen the articles that pop up this time of year all themed around “New Year Resolutions” or “How to be healthier in 2018.” We will save you all the fluff and really get down to the bulleted version of how to make the most impact! These three steps will make sure you are informed and empowered to create that person you see yourself being in 2018 and beyond.

1. Eat Clean

Notice we didn’t say eat “better” or “Paleo” or “never have sugar” or anything like that. The truth is, it takes time and repetition to learn and get better at everything in life. The way we eat is no different. Start with the good and eventually we stop craving the bad. Don’t beat yourself up if you get off track and focus on how you feel when you nourish your body with good food. Focus on being healthy, strong and having energy to be the best version of yourself versus what a scale says back to you.

So we’ve found by far the most effective, health-enhancing starting point for our patients in this toxic,
chemical-laced, American diet is to just clean it up! If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. If its list of
ingredients goes beyond more than a few things items, don’t eat it…! If it can sit on the shelf for 4 years and still be “edible” then it’s not really edible. Make clean choices!

2. Move Often

Movement is life, our bodies and nervous systems need motion to thrive! You need to find the physical activity that you love. If you are not a runner at heart, don’t run. If you despise going to hot-yoga, don’t do hot-yoga. You need to find what is best for yourself so you stay motivated to continue moving. When you figure out what you love to do it becomes a part of your everyday routine, without having to talk yourself into getting to the gym. Get inspired with your exercise routines and do them often!

3. Minimize Stress and Be Happy

We live in a more stressful, busy, toxic world and our bodies and nervous systems undergo a lot of stress. This aspect can be the one that is the hardest to release or change and typically is the aspect that needs the most focus and attention to combat! Being able to limit your stressors and adapt to them more efficiently is going to be the single most impactful change for 2018.

Regular chiropractic care optimizes your body’s ability to function, and keeps your nervous system humming along at a high level. Patients under regular chiropractic care tend to get sick less often, and get over it a lot quicker when they do. Plus they regularly report improved energy levels and mood, more flexibility, and a better ability to adapt to stress. Just like your diet, cut out the “toxicity” and clean it up. If your workplace is toxic, change jobs… if your friends are toxic, change friends… If your schedule is toxic, change it. You are in charge, make it happen!

If we can convey any message to you this year, make it about yourself. Empower yourself to be in control of 2018! Take these first couple days to truly look inside and see where your heart lies. If you find the things you love, you will have no trouble implementing them and therefore will have your best year yet!




What Sitting is Really Doing to Your Body?


Is sitting really the new smoking? That seems to be the consensus.

In addition to only burning just one calorie per minute, sitting deteriorates your muscles, increases your risk of Type 2 diabetes and makes it harder to lose weight. And if you sit for six hours per day, after 10-20 years of sitting you could lose up to seven quality adjusted life years (years without health issues or death). Additionally, the risk of dying of heart disease increases by 64%, while the risk of prostate or breast cancer increases by 30%.

Sadly, many of us are stuck sitting for quite a few hours a day, thanks to office jobs. So, what can you do about it? In a Huffington Post blog, author and career expert Caroline Dowd-Higgins suggests consciously becoming more active at work. Consider investing in devices like Fitbit and walking to meetings, for example.

“A person’s creative output increased by an average of 60% while walking – regardless of whether it was indoors or outdoors. So, not only is the walking to meetings advantageous to your health – it can promote new ideas and problem solving as well,” Dowd-Higgins writes, citing a Stanford University study.

Since we know you’re probably reading this while sitting at a computer, a word to the wise: Get up and stretch those legs!

Keep your spine and nervous system healthy by keeping your body moving! Movement is LIFE. So get up and move regular!