September Chiropatients

Jessica has been a patient since March 2017 and is 14 years old. She comes in with her whole family and her mom understands corrective care for entire family. She originally came in for neck pain headaches and back pain. It was affecting school, ability to exercise, ability to focus in her studies and she now is back to living normal life as a kid should be!






Jim and Bonnie have been patients for over a year. They are the grandparents of Molli and Maddy who were previous chirokids! They have been under chiropractic care their whole life and have continued their care at our office! They attend as many health classes as possible and are avid participants in their home health and wellness.

September Chiropatients

IMG_0224DaQuiece, also known as “Q” around our office, has been an awesome and outgoing patient who is now on his second care plan! We love his spirit when he comes into the office and his desire to get healthier by getting his weekly adjustments! He knows the importance of getting adjusted and how it has changed his lifestyle for the better!








Katie Friend has been coming to our office for over 13 years! She was just a toddler when she started coming and has been coming ever since! We are so proud of her for making her weekly adjustments a priority in her life and seeing the importance of them! We look forward to seeing her every week and continuing care for a lifetime!