Chiropatients of the Month

Jennifer has been a motivated patient since she came to the office in August complaining of chronic back pain. She always schedules appointments, comes to our Wednesday stretch classes, and she refers her family!







Cathryn & William have been committed patients since coming to the office in September. They’re always on time for their appointments, they do their exercises and therapies, and always bring happiness into the office. We’re excited to watch them grow!



January Chiropatients of the Month

Isael & Maurico Pineda
They have been patients for over 10 years at the office and love coming to get adjusted and playing in the kids room. Their mom, Maria, is not only passionate about her work at Family First, but believes her kids health is important as well!






Barbara Tamraz
She has been a faithful patient for over four years. She loves getting adjusted and always brings a positive loving attitude to the office! She dances, sings, and loves living life at 100%!


December Chiropatients

December Chiropatient of the Monthimg_0260

Arvella Marlow

Ms. Arvella has been coming to our office for over 10 years! She is always smiling, and she always make sure to get her adjustments in! We love Ms. Arvella and the positive energy she brings into the office. She is committed, she is always kind, and we love seeing her each week for her appointments!






 December Chirokids of the Month

Ace, Riley, and Caitlynn Thompson

The Thompsons have been patients for a few months now, and we love their excitement when they come to get adjusted! They are always happy! They do their exercises every visit, and they know the importance of getting adjusted at an early age! We love the Thompson family and we are very thankful to have them as patients in our office!


November Chiropatients of the Month


Frank and Victoria Krueger

Frank and Victoria started coming to our office a few months ago, and they are a great couple! We love how they are always smiling, and how they make sure that their health is a priority–even when life gets busy! They always make their appointments, and they are both a joy to see each week! We are blessed to know them both!







Adrian Amaya Alvaradoimg_0240

Adrian has been coming into our office for a few months and, he has done great with his chiropractic care. He knows the importance of getting adjusted especially during the winter season to keep his immune system boosted! He always makes sure to do his exercises, and he always makes his appointments! We are thankful for him and his desire to get adjusted. We love when the children in our office are excited to see us and stay well!


Happy 17th Anniversary!!

We are celebrating our office 17th anniversary this Wednesday, March 23rd all day long! We are so grateful for our patients, and this was made possible by YOU and your commitment to getting adjusted!

Come in for your adjustment or just to celebrate with us and POP a balloon to win a prize!

Also, we are doing a new patient special where any new patient can get checked for just $17! That includes the initial consultation, exam, and x-rays! Now is the time to get checked!


March Chiropatients

Brian has been coming to our office for a few months and has been a faithful patient. He has been diligent in his exercises and adjustments and has found that he functions better than when he started. He has even referred his friends and family because he believes in what chiropractic can do! Brian has graduated to once a week adjustments because of his improvements and we are excited about his future care!




Andre, Aleeya, and Armonii are such bundles of joy and have been coming to the office for over a year. They are the sweetest and most well behaved children! They are so happy to get their adjustment and hop right on the adjusting table! When they are sick, their mom brings them more to boost their immune system and help align their spine!



December ChiroPatients

FullSizeRenderKamryn Latta, Alexis & Jordan Sager

Kamryn, Alexis, and Jordan have been faithful patients of ours for almost a year! They bring a fun personality to the office when they walk in and love getting their adjustments!





Riley Teasdale

Riley comes in with his mother and is the sweetest little boy. He loves coming in and doing his “exercises” with his mom. After his adjustment, he always runs to grab his mouse sticker! We love our chirokids and the excitement they show when they get adjusted!