new year

New Year Resolutions – How To Keep Them


As the New Year approaches we begin to think about the things we wanted to accomplish in the previous years and never finished. We can begin to feel guilty for not completing our “to-do” lists BUT we are
starting a new year full of fresh vision and motivation.

Here are some great ways to stay motivated throughout the year and to make our new year resolutions a reality:

1. Develop Realistic Expectations
2. Appreciate That Setbacks May Bring Unexpected Surprises

3. Develop Your Patience
4. Celebrate the Small Steps
5. Stay Focused

In the end be kind to yourself as you grow, fail, and succeed. There is no health in beating yourself up because of failure. Success often comes in packages that we are not expecting, so always be open to things looking a little differently than what you had in mind. Keep moving towards the things you love and you will see them happen!

This is a great time to resolve to have better health and we have the perfect opportunity to help you! We have a 21 Day Purification Kick Off Class coming up at 5:30pm on January 19th. This would be a great avenue to get you jump started!