April Chiropatients of the Month

Cecilio Hernandez & Maria Reyes have been wonderful patients in our office. Cecilio began coming in 2013 for pain in his lower back and once we got him into great shape, he trusted us enough to bring in his wife and children.



Estrella and Cesar Hernandez joined us in early 2017. They have been progressing well so far and we can’t wait to see them as they continue to grow. Adjustments have been helping them correct their posture and cervical curve.



January Chiropatients of the Month

Isael & Maurico Pineda
They have been patients for over 10 years at the office and love coming to get adjusted and playing in the kids room. Their mom, Maria, is not only passionate about her work at Family First, but believes her kids health is important as well!






Barbara Tamraz
She has been a faithful patient for over four years. She loves getting adjusted and always brings a positive loving attitude to the office! She dances, sings, and loves living life at 100%!


November Chiropatients of the Month

Isabela started coming to Family First a little over 6 months ago with her mom who was concerned about her recurring ear infections, fevers, and acid reflux. Hoping to find some relief from her symptoms, Isabela’s mom makes sure she keeps all her appointments and continues to recognize all of the progress Isabela is making with her chiropractic care!


Maria has been a loyal Family First patient for over five years. She originally came to see us with neck and back pain and stiffness. Maria continues to get adjusted because she understands and appreciates the benefits of chiropractic care for wellness and maintenance.


August Chiropatients of the Month

When Mrs. Norma walks through the office doors, she brings such a burst of joy and energy to the office. She has been a patient for many years and has seen such a huge change in her spinal health. She used to suffer from chronic neck and lower back pain and tried every method possible to relieve pain. But it wasn’t until she started coming to Family First that she saw a difference and is for the most part pain free! We love success stories!



Last month Mandolin’s sister, Mollie, was our chirokid of the month. Mandolin saw the drastic improvements her sister was having by getting adjustments and she wanted the same for herself while she was here for the summer. She is getting checked weekly for wellness and proper development as her body grows! We love having this family in the office and so happy they’re here for the summer. We are glad we could get them feeling better while they are in town.



May Chiropatients of the Month

The Bulak’s have been patients of Family First’s for many many years and are a joy to have come in for their weekly adjustments. They know the power of an adjustment and make sure to come in weekly.






Kyle and Nicole have very physically active lives so they know getting adjusted keeps their bodies functioning at top notch to continue their sports and hard work. Their parents have instilled in them the importance of chiropractic care and we are so thankful for them!



September Chiropatients

IMG_0224DaQuiece, also known as “Q” around our office, has been an awesome and outgoing patient who is now on his second care plan! We love his spirit when he comes into the office and his desire to get healthier by getting his weekly adjustments! He knows the importance of getting adjusted and how it has changed his lifestyle for the better!








Katie Friend has been coming to our office for over 13 years! She was just a toddler when she started coming and has been coming ever since! We are so proud of her for making her weekly adjustments a priority in her life and seeing the importance of them! We look forward to seeing her every week and continuing care for a lifetime!


August Chiropatients

IMG_0018Cathy has been with us for a little over a year and we have seen such great progress with her walking and movement since she has been under care! She’s even been able to start working out again. She stated to us the other day, “I don’t believe aches and pains come with old age anymore, because we can avoid them by massages and chiropractic care.” She is holding a sign stating she’s been here over 50 adjustments – Congrats Ms. Cathy!





Caroline has been getting adjusted since she was just a few days old. Her parents believe in the power and healing ofIMG_7203 getting chiropractic care. Usually the first subluxation we receive is from the birth process, so it’s so important that Caroline’s parents brought her to get adjusted at just a few days old. We love watching her grow and keeping her spine healthy!


July Chiropatients of the Month

IMG_0182-e1468852228930Mrs. Kim is a great patient to have in the office. She is faithful in coming to all of her adjustments and making them up when she misses! She also enjoys all of our classes and getting educated on different ways to stay healthy! She has referred other patients to our office who have been great patients as well. We love seeing her passion for her spine and her health and can’t wait to see all the change she’s made by being proactive!


Jacob is Mrs. Kim’s son and is a great asset to our patients. He is adamant about getting his adjustments and making sure he does all of his exercises to stay in shape for baseball and his other sports! We have already seen great progress in the few months he’s been here. He is super polite and respectful to our staff and is a pleasure to see when he’s in the office! We love having families that get adjusted. Families that get adjusted together stay together!



June Chiropatients

IMG_0160-e1466534532898-1Heather and Josh wanted to get help for Bryson so they started bringing him to get adjustments. They saw the many benefits of chiropractic adjustments and wanted to get their spines checked. They’re so glad they did because the adjustments have improved their pain and everyday function! They have been faithful patients and have shared their experience with chiropractic with others!







Bryson was the first of this family to start coming to Family
First. He was having frequent ear infections and they were considering getting tubes in his ears. After a few weeks of adjustments, he didn’t have anymore ear infections and no fluid on
his ears. Aurora wanted to be like baby brother and get checked and she’s been coming with the family and enjoys getting stickers and stretching with Mommy and Daddy!


May Chiropatients

Mrs. Christine has been a great patient of ours for many years. She loves coming in to get adjusted and use our different therapies in the office. She always compliments us on our great work, but this month we wanted to honor her as an amazing patient that we LOVE to see each week!








Nina and Luke have been patients of ours for a few months and been consistent with their care and we are excited about the changes we will see in their spine! They love sitting in our massage chairs and coming to get adjusted! We love helping children keep their immune system up and get their subluxations adjusted.