A Healthier Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the holiday for giving thanks for what we have, spending time with friends and family.  But it’s also the holiday often associated with excessive amounts of food!  Everyone knows that a Thanksgiving meal is often laden with sugary and carb-loaded goodies and many overindulge and consume more in this one meal than they normally do in a whole day.  But have you ever noticed how you feel after this extravagant meal?  Most feel groggy and tired and maybe so full you feel sick.  Yes, it’s fine to splurge on holiday foods, but making a few healthy changes to your Thanksgiving routine could mean you’ll feel better and more Thankful in the end!

Here are some helpful healthy Thanksgiving Day tips!

Eat breakfast: Breakfast is often called the “most important meal of the day.”  This is especially true on Thanksgiving!  It may seem counterproductive to eat a hearty breakfast before a large Thanksgiving feast, but eating something in the morning can help you keep portions smaller at the big meal.  Breakfast will also keep you energized enough to get kitchen task done and entertain your guests. Try having some scrambled eggs, a small omelet with veggies, or fruit with greek yogurt.  The protein will keep you full all morning and keep you from feeling ravenous once dinner is served.

Get off the couch: No you don’t have to work off every morsel you eat!  But keeping in mind that the typical Thanksgiving meal weighs in at about 3,000 calories you may want to incorporate some physical activity to your day to avoid weight gain.  Even just a short 10 minute walk before and after the meal not only wards of winter pounds but boosts your energy and confidence levels!

Try some healthy alternatives: We all have our favorite traditional holiday dishes that we are reluctant to change.  You don’t have to change all your dishes to healthier alternatives, but try substituting healthier options in a few side dishes.  Maybe have mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes this year.  Or try making your own mushroom cream soup for the green bean casserole instead of the processed canned soup version.

Here at Family First, we always strive to help you be the BEST you you can be, but also have fun doing it. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and we hope that you remember everything you have to be thankful for this holiday season!


October Chiropatients of the Month

Megan has been a patient at Family First for almost 6 months. She always comes in smiling and laughing. Megan does her recommended exercises with enthusiasm and is already seeing major improvements in her spinal health. She loves the chiropractic care she’s receiving and refers all of her family and friends!




Samuel comes in with his Mom, who is an advocate of chiropractic care and its benefits. He came in initially with no symptoms, but understands the importance of chiropractic as a preventative plan for wellness. Samuel is also very helpful, and loves to tidy up our playroom!


Get Your Stretch On!


This class will be an interactive stretching class! The limit is 15, so call us at (910) 755-5483 to sign up today! Bring a yoga mat or towel and some comfy clothes! We will be trying out new stretches and poses that will help you get on the path to a healthier lifestyle!


What Sitting is Really Doing to Your Body?


Is sitting really the new smoking? That seems to be the consensus.

In addition to only burning just one calorie per minute, sitting deteriorates your muscles, increases your risk of Type 2 diabetes and makes it harder to lose weight. And if you sit for six hours per day, after 10-20 years of sitting you could lose up to seven quality adjusted life years (years without health issues or death). Additionally, the risk of dying of heart disease increases by 64%, while the risk of prostate or breast cancer increases by 30%.

Sadly, many of us are stuck sitting for quite a few hours a day, thanks to office jobs. So, what can you do about it? In a Huffington Post blog, author and career expert Caroline Dowd-Higgins suggests consciously becoming more active at work. Consider investing in devices like Fitbit and walking to meetings, for example.

“A person’s creative output increased by an average of 60% while walking – regardless of whether it was indoors or outdoors. So, not only is the walking to meetings advantageous to your health – it can promote new ideas and problem solving as well,” Dowd-Higgins writes, citing a Stanford University study.

Since we know you’re probably reading this while sitting at a computer, a word to the wise: Get up and stretch those legs!

Keep your spine and nervous system healthy by keeping your body moving! Movement is LIFE. So get up and move regular!