Chiropractic Care

The primary goal of every Chiropractor is to correct a condition known as Vertebrae Subluxation.  Vertebrae Subluxations are when either the spinal nerves or spinal cord have pressure placed upon them  when one or more spinal bones (vertebrae) are mis-aligned.  This nerve pressure interferes with the transmission of mental impulses from the brain to the rest of the body.  Simply put, when the nervous system is interfered with, wherever those nerves are going will have lack of ease, or dysfunction.  The human body was born to be healthy, and thus, will strive to maintain a state of homeostasis.  The goal in our office is to have your nervous system functioning at the highest level possible.  When this is achieved, you will experience 100% health.  Family First Health Center specializes in restoring proper nerve function….thus restoring your health.

State of the Art Technology

Technology plays a huge factor in detecting and correcting Vertebrae Subluxations.  It is imperative that the Doctor not only knows when and where to perform the adjustment, but also know how to monitor the changes within the body.  At Family First Health Center,  we pulled all the plugs out when it comes to technology and equipment that allows us to monitor your physiology and witness your body increase it’s  function.

When it comes to your health, it’s imperative  to us to make sure your body is healing.  Guessing or hoping your getting better is not good enough.  With our systematic re-examination protocols, we know that we know that we know that you are increasing your health and vitality.  When it comes to your health, we offer nothing but the best.

Education System

Let’s face it…the day of the doctor fixing the patient is over.  Everyone knows that the more responsible we are with our bodies, the  greater success we will have in keeping them healthy.  At Family First Health Center, we understand the busy lifestyles most people have these days.  With this understanding, we also understand the stresses that come along with that same lifestyle….stresses from work, family, financial, and even exercise.  With this in mind, Family First Health Center has developed a “Healthy Educational System” where  our practice members learn how to take care of their bodies  the 23 hours and 30 minutes they are not in our office.  From understanding how the body works, where we  get Vertebrae Subluxations , to healthy alternatives and living pro-actively.   Our goal is to not only change your health, but also change your behavior to become congruent with what you want when it comes to your health.

Payment Options

In today’s health care economy, wouldn’t it be nice to receive the type of care you need for a price you could afford.  At Family First Health Center, we do everything we can to make your care in our office affordable.  Whether you have insurance or not, we have payment options that work for most everyone.  We say “most everyone,” because we know there are those people who don’t want to pay for anything. Well, we value the work we do very highly, and would rather work with people who have a high value on their health as well.  Come see what we are about, how we take care of our practice members like family, and how we strive to make each persons care affordable and of the highest value!